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Colegio Santa Maria is celebrating 60 years of educating students with the necessary skills to
participate in the constant evolution of the world.

One of our most important objectives has been to contribute to the formation of women with
critical thinking, who explore their curiosity and imagination by undertaking initiatives
that generate positive changes in the world. To achieve this, the students are inspired by
essential Catholic values that empower them with their talents and allow them to contribute to a just
society through their life projects.

The CSM offers an education with high quality standards. This has been achieved thanks to:

  • To be the first girls' school in Bogota to be accredited by The Council of International Schools - CIS -.
  • To be certified by Cambridge Assessment International Education, which implies a high development of global competencies.
  • Implement a solid Wellness curriculum with a strong focus on the areas of values, sports and the arts.
  • To sustain day by day our philosophy of social responsibility through the Santa Clara Center.
  • Maria where for several decades the children of the sector have received the best education.
  • Develop an agenda for changes in the school's physical infrastructure, seeking the well-being of the community.

There are more than 4,000 alumnae who have realized their life purposes through the
Santa María Experience, a seal that has allowed them to leave a visible mark that places us among the best
schools in the country. We continue to strengthen ourselves as an institution so that together with the next
promotions and their families, we continue to prepare women for the current evolution of the world.

Let's Live Evolution Together!

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